Why flowers are the best gift


They are one of the most beautiful and special gifts. Despite this, giving flowers is generally restricted to a few calendar moments.

And it is that, until a few decades ago, giving flowers did not have a specific moment. It was simply a gesture with which to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. A perfect way to surprise and leave an indelible memory on the person for whom they were intended. And also, let’s not fool ourselves, one of the most common social rituals without the need to respond to romanticism or any congratulations.

The tradition of giving flowers

The tradition of giving flowers is one of the legacies of our own history. What’s more: understanding why it has a social weight makes us go back even to mythology itself. According to her fables, the goddess Aphrodite was a lover of red roses; and honoring her went through offering them to her as a present.

Staying closer in time, in Victorian England why did give flowers even had their own code. It was not only the meaning of the flowers that came into play, which are not alien to having symbolism. In addition, and according to their interpretation, they became the right present for moments of the sea of ​​disparate: for a present for a host, as a symbol of respect, or on the occasion of any meeting.

In order to refresh one of the most beautiful traditions that exist, we will give you some reasons that answer why to give flowers. Some reasons to enjoy one of the most personal presents that exist. And what is better: without there being a specific date on the calendar that dictates it.

Why give flowers:

The flowers are self-explanatory. They’re also our best allies when it comes to saying a lot of things without saying anything. Because it is obvious that whoever provides flowers is motivated by good and lovely feelings. Either out of love, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways; as a sign of support; or simply to make someone else happy. Anyone who has received flowers knows that there are lovely sentiments hidden beneath a bouquet or a plant. What would the world be like if we didn’t share them with the people we care about?

We experience serenity and joy when we are in nature. Our batteries are recharged and renewed when we are in contact with it. For the same reason, while considering why giving flowers, this element is critical. Receiving them has the potential to alter a person’s emotional state. They are associated with delight, joy, and happiness. What is happiness if not to be joyful in those small moments?

You can buy your flowers through a screen

Now, it is too easy to order your flowers from your computer or phone, and you can have your orders very fast. Moyses Stevens gives you the best service of Flower same-day delivery!

It is a unisex gift

Make no mistake: flower-giving has always been a female-only activity. Girls like these kinds of gifts, as well as the presence of real flowers. Don’t be reluctant to give flowers, whether it’s for him or for her, since they’ll always be a hit!

Because they are the most natural!

Perfect for nature lovers. For those who live a more sustainable life, in line with respect for the Planet.

They are perfect to celebrate anything

A lot of people give flowers just for a special date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give flowers on normal days. Doing so for no apparent reason transforms any ordinary day into a memorable one. For example, if we contemplate sending flowers to someone who welcomes us into their home, they will remember our gift from our first visit.

Giving flowers isn’t just for special occasions. All the days are the best days to surprise someone. To make a gray Monday more lovely, or a rainy day more bright. Because the most wonderful presents are those that are given unexpectedly. And just for that, it’s worth doing it with flowers.

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