What is the difference between mass marketing and niche marketing?


Many people seem to be confused by the difference between mass marketing and niche marketing. Perhaps because even the largest mass markets are niches. For example, something like milk is the mass market but everyone does not drink it. In the milk market, you have niches such as low fat, soy and many others. Thus, no word game intended, which gives you a quick flavor of the difference between mass markets and niche markets.

The main difference between the two is the size of the potential market.

There is no reliable definition of a mass market I met, although the nearest description could be a mass market would be something that could have been announced on state-of-the-art television television. When there was only one handle of existing channels. The amount of people who monitor the shows – and hence the size of the price ticket – was such that only the biggest brands with the widest attraction can buy tip ads.

Unlike today’s technology where television channels meet small groups (niche) that would not even have had their own shows 20 years ago, not to mention an entire chain that is dedicated.

It is this division of the markets that caused an explosion of interest in niche marketing.

Internet has taken segmentation even further.

It costs a handful of dollars a year to have a website and, if even this small amount, there are too many websites that allow you to set up your own toll-free content. And you may get even a share of advertising revenues that your pages generate!

In many ways, mass marketing becomes even more expensive than before.

In order to reach most of the population, you must buy more advertising.

No more than half of the UK has been guaranteed to look at one of the most popular shows and ads could reach people reliably.

Now, with change of time and demand programs, there is no guarantee that people will see even your ad, not to mention your attention.

The same goes for the internet.

Banner Blindness – Setting banners that occur on the site you visit – is on the increase.

In fact, niche marketing has an advantage in this regard.

By definition, a niche market is lower than a mass market. Which means that ads – and the sites they appear on – can be reduced so that only the most likely perspectives be your message.

This means that this means that in a niche market, you can have the same impact – or even higher than the big brands for a fraction of the budget.

For traditional marketers, it is a peak era.

But for agile internet marketers, it has a fantastic opportunity.

You can get lower advertising costs on sites such as Facebook, simply show your ad to people who are likely to be interested in everything you have to offer.

Zaid Jaxxon

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