Ways to Scale Your Business with Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is one of the most impactful marketing strategies available. It’s where businesses collaborate with influential individuals online, predominantly through social media, to promote their products, services and general offerings. Global influencer marketing agency have perfected the art of influencer marketing to allow brands to reach wider audiences and showcase their offerings in a positive light.

Influencers are people with large follower bases and are engaged in consistent interactions with their followers. Celebrity and influencer endorsements work with the digital native generation of audience as influencers are viewed as fellow consumers with reliable recommendations.

Influencer marketing allows brands to: reach larger, engaged audiences, increase internet traffic to your website and landing pages, improves trust and authenticity for products and brands in general, generates more leads and conversions, provides an excellent ROI, and increases your own social media following and presence.

Influencer marketing has become such a popular marketing tool that brands are now prioritising influencer budgets over traditional marketing methods. There are countless possibilities available when it comes to influencer marketing—no matter which niche you operate in, it is almost guaranteed you will be able to find relevant influencers to work with.

So, how can you upscale your business using influencer marketing?

Find suitable influencers to partner with

There are different types of influencers you can partner with, based on the number of followers they have. Hero influencers are those with celebrity status and over 1 million followers—they have incredibly reach but often lower engagement rates. Hero influencers are followed by macro influencers, then micro influencers and then nano influencers. While micro and nano influencers have smaller follower counts, their engagement rates can be through the roof.

From your campaign objectives, identify the types of influencer that will most benefit your business. Research influencers before you reach out to them—you need to know if their content is a suitable fit for your business and values.

Promote your brand story

You can use influencers to promote your brand story. Having an influencer promote your brand—organically and sponsored—can help hugely with customer acquisition. You should allow the influencer to promote your brand in their own voice and content style. This adds authenticity to the promotion, which is incredibly important to consumers nowadays.

Using an influencer to promote your brand story can give your brand a personality that’s relatable and easy to connect with. Storytelling is the most influential advertising method. Allowing influencers to speak to their audience in their own voice and words will help audiences connect with your brand on an emotional level.

Host competitions and giveaways

Competitions and giveaways hone in on people’s competitive nature. Having an influencer host a competition or giveaway can gain your brand accounts huge follower growth, especially given that most giveaway rules require users to follow brand accounts.

Give influencers creative control

Influencers have earnt their following through their own content. Their audiences enjoy, rely on and engage with their content as a result of consistent posting, quality and tone. If you give your influencers too many restrictions in what they can say or show, their content won’t appear to be theirs, and will therefore not do as well with their audiences. Influencers know how to interact with their audience, so trust them to do so.

The content they create will also give your brand more variety of content to post. You can curate content and repost it to your own channels, not only giving your audience new content, but adding social proof to your brand. You can showcase how many influencer testimonials you have, making your brand seem trustworthy to new audiences.

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