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When talking about industrial processes, what comes to mind is to do with mechanical or chemical procedures. It is important to produce goods in the heavy industry. It makes the whole procedure more comfortable not only for manufacturers but for end users too.

The real goal of using some industrial processes is to make the actual value of cheaper raw materials. Because different raw materials are combined, commodities are formed. It does not always mean that only one industrial process can be used to form a product. In fact, there are several procedures that might be relevant to produce the desired output. Here are some processes employed in several industries.

General industrial process

Actually there are three types of general processes used in different industries, namely gas disbursement, freezing drying and scrubber. Gas disbursement includes a series of processes to turn gas into liquid forms. These processes are relevant not only for scientific purposes but also for commercial efforts. They are often used in hospitals, by dermatology and inseminators.

Freeze drying on the other hand more than the dehydration process used to maintain commodities or raw materials that are easily damaged. From the liquid phase to a solid state, the process will then produce a state of gas. This process is relevant not only in the food industry but also in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and technology.

The last general process – known as scrubber – is important to remove pollutants from raw materials. This is known as a device to control pollution. It’s popular in hot recovery techniques.

Other types of industrial processes

When classifying industrial processes into its type, there are various categories for focus. This is a chemical process and physical process. Chemical processes include smelting, disinfection, piroprocesses and electrolysis. Electrolysis involves sliding, electropolishing, electrophocusing, electrolytic processes, electrophoresis deposition, electrotyping and metaizing.

The physical process is used to reshape the existing material. This includes forging, casting, hydroforming, machining, polishing, dolder, died cutting and hardening of precipitation. Mold processes such as sintering, powder metallurgy and sand casting are also found under the physical industry process.

There are still other forms of industrial processes. This list includes grainer evaporation, bacterial oxidation, crystal rod processes, Dow processes and Weldon processes. There is also a hunter process, industrial rendering, contact processes and vacuum metaizing.

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