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Our fascination with search engines stems from the early days of the World Wide Web when the algorithms powering these websites weren’t so advanced. It was a much simpler affair to guide users in the past. After all, you didn’t necessarily need to have a lot of technical know-how and the awareness and breadth of all the ranking factors to be more visible and discoverable online.

However, these days, things have changed. With the core algorithms of search engines like Google continuously evolving and changing, the difficulty of being found on the internet feels much like the experience of obtaining doctoral degrees in mathematics or physics. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be the case. By giving value to your target audience, adopting good digital marketing practices, creating a well-designed site like, and following the methods listed below, you’ll help your business spread itself online.

Start a blog and publish top-quality pieces consistently


One of the most effective ways to create online exposure for a brand is a blog, as it allows the business to produce and publish material that gives value to its users. While it’s primarily considered a long-term method that won’t pay dividends overnight, embracing this digital marketing method can result in incredibly high returns.

When you get right down to it, not only will blogging enable you to drive organic traffic and elevate your internet visibility through higher search result rankings. But it can also improve your authority on a particular subject or niche. As a result, you’ll get more attention and interest, making it easier to encourage people to perform specific actions, whether making a purchase or subscribing to an email list.

Leverage Facebook ads to target landing pages

While not free, Facebook ads present a unique opportunity for businesses to reach out and connect with their target demographics. So long as you understand your ideal consumers, you’ll be able to use a specific geographic location, interest, age, marital status, and many metrics. In doing so, you’ll give yourself a greater level of specificity to locate prospective customers and guide them to your landing pages.

For best results in getting consumers in the sales funnel, try to experiment with the micro spends so that you can see the ad copies and squeeze pages produce the best results. It may require time, but finding the right recipe or mixture can make your campaign significantly profitable.

Collaborate with social media influencers

Social media allows businesses to create a considerable amount of exposure and put them in front of droves of users all over the globe instantaneously. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that these digital channels have become commonplace in the digital marketing world. However, with visibility and algorithms constantly working against many of us, you’ll need to find ways to overcome this obstacle.

One way of doing so is by leveraging popular influencers since they’ll have access to markets that you likely don’t. In most cases, it won’t be free. However, it’s worth the investment when you consider how much faster you can spread your message and build brand awareness than you would otherwise have.


Having an internet presence is vital for any business to succeed, as digital platforms can create exposure like no other. With these strategies, you’ll be able to spread more awareness and information on your brand online.


Zaid Jaxxon

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